Leggings v. 1.0

One of the earlier projects I had bookmarked to make were leggings.  They looked simple enough, and with two little girls in the house, are certainly in-demand enough to make them a worthy sewing endeavor.

But time went on, and not a single pair of leggings were to be made.  Other projects came first, and then I just stuck to what I knew.  I made the same knit dress three times, but in my defense, the tutorial came in the exact three ages I needed.  And look how sweet!  The incredibly detailed tutorial/sewing lesson can be found here.


But this was to be the beginning and end of my sewing with knits…until today.  I was organizing my sewing Pinterest board (what, you don’t do that?) and saw the sweet little leggings I had pinned months and months ago and knew today was the day to try it.  I felt a little under-the-weather (aka like crap), and certainly not up to tackling anything as strenuous as housework, so sewing it was. 

I looked up a few different tutorials, and decided on makeit-loveit’s, because it was only two pattern pieces.  What can I say, it sounded easier and I am all about the lazy.  I do want to try a couple more tutorials and do a little comparison, though.

So I laid out some knit fabric I picked up at a garage sale, and went to work tracing a pair of Old Navy leggings that fit my daughter well.  The fabric is some sort of jersey, and still smells like moth balls, but I’m hoping a few more washes will change that.

I sewed all of the leggings using my machine’s stretch stitch, which is a really tight, slanted ziz-zag.  I was worried this would look funny on the hem, but it sewed up great without any puckering or weirdness.

 leggingcollage (Large)

When it was time for the elastic casing, the belly to be measured was taking a nap (hence the sewing), so I just pulled up a measuring chart from Old Navy and used their guidelines and it worked perfectly.  The next version will skip the elastic, and just try for a knit waistband.

And once they were all sewn up, and Lily was awake, I couldn’t wait to put her in them.  She was really excited to wear them too, which was cute.  I think she thought we were going ‘bye-bye’ as that’s usually when I change her out of comfy pj’s.  Here’s a cute diapered bum and little toes…

Adirondack Inspired: Sewn Leggings  She’s a little hard to photograph these days…Here she is standing on a chair, as that’s the only way I could get her in front of the window and we were losing daylight.

Adirondack Inspired: Sewn Leggings

check out the hemming….oops, one is the wrong way.

And one last unobstructed shot…  It’s a bit blurry, she was not into standing still.  Models are notoriously high maintenance, you know.

Adirondack Inspired: Sewn Leggings

And that’s that.  I made a pair of leggings.  It still shocks me when I hold them up and think I made these?  I wish I hadn’t waited so long, but I have a feeling I will be making up for lost time as her sister put an order in, too.  Hey, I’ll take the enthusiasm for Mama’s sewing while I can get it…


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