Crafting It Old School

My morning routine, after sippy cups and oatmeal, consists of coffee and the usual internet checks– email, facebook, flickr, pinterest.

Pinterest being the most dangerous as it has that never-ending scrolling feature.  The other  morning, I stumbled across this pin from Purl Bee.  I love the Purl Bee, they have a way of making simple projects pay off in a big way.  But this particular pin, well, this was something I already knew how to do.  Friendship bracelets were totally my jam in the mid ’90’s.

You made friendship bracelets for yourself, your friends, and for that boy that was totally just a friend…except he totally wasn’t.  You walked around school with half-finished bracelets looped around a safety pin stuck to your jeans.  Or your pajama pants, because those were totally acceptable school attire in the grungy ’90’s.

So this week I sat down to make my five-year-old a friendship bracelet form her mama.  I wasn’t sure if I would remember how to make them, but it was like riding a bike.  I didn’t really have to think, my hands just went into the familiar pattern of tying knots.

The first step is to choose your color scheme.
Adirondack Inspred: frienship bracelet

Then loop the string around, giving you both a way to safety pin it to your jeans, and the loop for tying the finished bracelet.
Adirondack Inspired: friendship bracelet

Now spread it out in the pattern you would like, making it a mirror image.  This shows a pattern of red, pink, white, pink.  Although I didn’t stick to this for some reason, and my ultimate pattern was red, pink, pink, white.

Adirondack Inspired: friendship bracelet

Then you start your knots.  First working in from the left, then repeating in from the right.
Adirondack Inspired: friendship bracelet

It takes a couple of rows until the embroidery floss behaves nicely, like this.
Adirondack Inspired: friendship bracelet

The pattern is repetitive, it’s rather soothing.  It is easy to stop suddenly (you know, for diaper changes, sippy cup refills, etc), and pick right back up where you left off.

The finished result will look like this, a trendy little chevron pattern.
Adirondack Inspired: friendship bracelet
Adirondack Inspired: friendship bracelet
Adirondack Inspired: friendship bracelet

And they come together so quickly, they may even work for sweet little valentines.  Of course, I first have to convince a certain 5-year-old that boys will like these, too.


And then it was winter.

If you live in the Adirondacks, chances are you actually like winter.  Of course, there are plenty that don’t, and the fortunate of that group  are snowbirds, meaning they leave anywhere from late fall to the day after Christmas and return somewhere around June.

But then there are the rest of us.  The ones who love winter and track snowstorms. At least until March. Then we break up.

This winter started with a whisper…

Adirondack Inspired: snowfall

the tease

A teaser snowfall, but enough for Christmas as it ought to be.

Adirondack Inspired: winter travel

taken from the passenger seat

The next dumped a luxurious 18 inches.  Followed a few days later by almost a foot.

Adirondack Inspired: WinterAdirondack Inspired

Adirondack Inspired

time to bundle up

Dec (183) (Large) Dec (138) (Large)

Adirondack Inspired: Winter

And then it was winter.

And the people were happy.