And then it was winter.

If you live in the Adirondacks, chances are you actually like winter.  Of course, there are plenty that don’t, and the fortunate of that group  are snowbirds, meaning they leave anywhere from late fall to the day after Christmas and return somewhere around June.

But then there are the rest of us.  The ones who love winter and track snowstorms. At least until March. Then we break up.

This winter started with a whisper…

Adirondack Inspired: snowfall

the tease

A teaser snowfall, but enough for Christmas as it ought to be.

Adirondack Inspired: winter travel

taken from the passenger seat

The next dumped a luxurious 18 inches.  Followed a few days later by almost a foot.

Adirondack Inspired: WinterAdirondack Inspired

Adirondack Inspired

time to bundle up

Dec (183) (Large) Dec (138) (Large)

Adirondack Inspired: Winter

And then it was winter.

And the people were happy.