Sewing for boys is fun. Who knew.

Okay, so I haven’t sewn a lot for the kids, but what I have sewn has been for the girls.  Simple skirts, circle skirts, a dress or two.  Conner has watched all of this, since he is three and has no way to escape the house.  He watches.  He jumps over the fabric.  He pets the material and calls it ‘Mama’s fabric.’  For being a truck-obsessed little guy, he’s rather sweet about it all.  He has also been asking for me to make something for him.

And since this all occurred around Christmas time, I figured I’d make him some big-boy pj pants.  Ones that looked like Daddy’s.  So I hit up Jo-Ann’s for some flannel shirting, downloaded the lovely Dana’s (MADE) convenient little  pattern, and crossed my fingers since pants are definitely not skirts.

One part of living so far away from everything, is that you use what you have. Candle holders as pattern weights and a black sharpie to trace the pattern and I was in business. Sewing is good for me, it makes me do things ‘not the right way.’ I have a little issue with that. If the world ran according to me, everything you did would have a little lesson book accompaniment. (Ask me how many baby sleep books I’ve read). And that’s probably why this project went so smoothly, because I had the tutorial that went along with the pattern. I’m actually a little afraid of pattern sewing, because I don’t think they come with full color step-by-step pictures. I like all the hand holding.

And one nap-time later…

Dec (129) (Large)

I was just about to comment on the lack of pink in the project, but I remembered the only elastic I had was this:

Let’s just keep that between us, okay?

One final note, I think that when you sew plaids, technically the two legs should look the same.  I’m not sure, I don’t make the rules, but my Mom agreed with this so it must be so.  I didn’t have enough fabric to do that if I wanted to (this project was 1/2 a yard), but I really loved the end result.   I love the stripes of yellow down the one leg.  It kind of makes it.  That and the fact that he loves them.

His only critique:  “Mama, you forgot to put the tag in here.”  Silly Mama.