Adirondack Baby Blanket

I have been having trouble sitting down at the sewing machine lately. I have project after project that I would like to do, techniques I want to learn, but I fall into that trap of pinning these things to Pinterest and feeling like I’ve accomplished something.  Similar to watching so much Food Network that you know the correct way to cut onions and peel garlic and roast a chicken, but you’re still eating cereal for dinner.

Ahem. Anyway…there are a few women I know expecting babies this winter. One such baby boy could arrive any day now, and I wanted to send a little something his way. There is nothing like a baby to inspire some sewing action.

So today I decided he should have a rugged little Adirondack blanket.

I used the same flannel shirting that I used for my sons beloved pj pants and found some cuddle fabric for the back and, lo, a blanket was made.  It was the perfect motivation for dusting off the sewing machine.

Here it is laid out on the back of the couch.  I didn’t want it to be too plain, so added a little fuzzy bear paw applique.  I’m not sure what blankets are in stores now, but my little guy received items in exactly three colors: blue, green, and brown.  I loved his little clothes, but the variety was lacking.

Adirondack Inspired:

My little guy approved!  Don’t tell him, but he may get one, too…

DSC_0123 (Large)a

Getting ready to wrap and send on its way!

DSC_0125 (Large)a