Twinkle, twinkle little skirt

I wanted to sew a few items to give away as Christmas presents this year, but I was hesitant to give clothes to my little nieces.   Handmade or not, clothes are still clothes, and not toys. I settled on little sparkly dress-up skirts for two of them, a nice little hybrid of clothes meets toy for two dress-up-loving girls.

I walked around JoAnn’s a bit for some inspiration and found this gray sparkly fabric in a bin of leftover Halloween fabrics.

DSC_0371 (Large)


I loved it. I’m not sure what a fabric like this is called–it kind of looked like tulle, but the raw edges frayed. Since this meant it would need to be hemmed, I grabbed some soft pink ribbon to try a new hemming technique.

The skirts came together pretty fast.  It was the first time I bound a raw edge in a ribbon, but I followed these directions from Prudent Baby.  Easy, easy!  Really, I love this method.  At first, I pinned the ribbon to the wrong (non sparkly) side.

DSC_0374 (Large)

But it was hard to pin it tight enough to the fabric, and my final hem came out kind of wonky and ripply, even after a good pressing.  Not that the little girls would have noticed, of course.  So in the end, I just sewed without pinning, and that actually turned out to be the best ‘method.’  Yay for laziness!

DSC_0397 (Large)

look mom, no pins!

Next, I had to finish the top of the skirt.  I just zig-zagged the top, since this fabric doesn’t really like to be ironed.  Then I just lined up the elastic, folded the fabric over for my measurement, and pinned.  With one of the skirts, I was able to use the selvedge end and skip the zig-zag step.  I love when those things happen.

DSC_0414 (Large)

Then I just had to sew down the casing , and slide the elastic back in (it comes out before you sew, it’s just a measuring device at this point).  I pinned the elastic at the edges, then stretched and let go to get nice even gathers.  Then I just sewed up a side seem, finishing the skirt and closing up the elastic in one pass.  And voila, one gift done.

DSC_0404 (Large) (2)DSC_0402 (Large)

Serious cuteness.

I haven’t heard back to hear how much ‘fairy dust’ the skirts leave behind.  There were sparkles everywhere after this project.  Oops.  I don’t think the girls will mind, though!

DSC_0377 (Large)

my pants, now with more sparkle

I do love a project like this.  Comes together quick, and the reward was big!  Happy sewing.